Who We Are

Our body of work consists of developed sessions where people speak up, stay curious, and are committed to making it work.After working with hundreds of teams we’ve learned how important it is for people to understand the purpose of the team and how this fits in the bigger picture. Only then they can take and own their part.We see magical things happen when a team knows their ‘why’. Suddenly they are able to draw the picture of success, they dare to have tough conversations about abilities and steps to get there. They start to listen to each other with the same passion with which they wanted to be heard.When people can emotionally unite themselves with the ambition of the team and the right surroundings are created, people want to own their part.
what we create

What we Create

To get information from head to heart it needs to flow through hands. It needs to be explored, deeply challenged, and played with. The collaborative process is part of the result we aim for.

We create appealing tools, practices, and team engaging sessions that form the best environment in which collaboration and alignment can take place.

There is so much theory out there on creating a vision, forming a strategy, and knowing your purpose. But it often just provides that, the theory. Where do you start with your team? How to approach this in a pragmatic manner? studiorupt. bridges the gap from theory to practice. From vision to strategy into action.

You ended up here, searching for something that brings your team to the next level. Maybe they are reaching great results, and still there is this feeling that parts are not yet aligned, not yet fulfilling their full potential.

We make those next steps visible.

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