The Alignment Canvas

Set Your Team Up For Success

Set your team up for success

One simple, visual and practical tool to align your team's ambition with their goals and actions.

  • Create alignment in and outside the team
  • Visualize ambition & goals in one page
  • Reduce miscommunications

Used by Over 100 Teams to Align on Their Ambitions

"I can recommend the Alignment Canvas to everyone. It maps out which tactics support you reaching your goals, what you contribute to the organization and what you need from others to reach your goals."

Treat your Team to Success

The best teams spent a considerable amount of time strategizing.
Before they jump into action, they get their priorities straight. By getting clarity on what they are aiming for, and how to execute on it they set themselves up for success.
On top of that, they cut any surprises from the root. By doing stakeholder management they know what to expect and how to deal with it.

The Alignment Canvas is designed to effortlessly help teams do the needed strategizing. By following the steps in the canvas your team automatically shows high-performing behavior. The Alignment Canvas helps your team discuss the right things right

The Alignment Canvas

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Build around 3 key principles

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Engage emotionally with your Ambition

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Understand how success looks like

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Know what to work on tomorrow

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Discuss with Your Team

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Define What To Do

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Link with Stakeholders

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Take Action

Align your Ambition

Explore with Your Team

To get information from head to heart it needs to flow through hands. It needs to be explored, deeply challenged, and played with. The collaborative process is part of the result we aim for.

Define What to Do

Organizational OKRs help people within the organization align and derive their team OKRs. Naturally, when you share your objectives with others, accountability goes up.

Choose Your Companions

What other groups or individuals are working in the organization that support the team’s objectives?
Who are the Beneficiaries? And who will support the team in reaching its goals? Who are the team’s Allies?

Take Action

Each objective must come with a plan of attack; the actions the team will take to reach them.

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